Monday, January 19, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving.

I know a lot of you are trying to be careful with your money right now, so I thought I'd throw this idea out there for a Valentine's gift. Chad LOVES it when he gets these. I started making them when we were poor college students. He has liked them so much that I continue to make them periodically. It's a ticket book full of coupons for things like: A back massage, an hour of game time (Chad loves computer games), A treat run, A football day (snacks provided), Meal of your choice, breakfast in bed, etc. Just anything I think he would enjoy. He has often said these are his favorite gifts. I even overheard him talking on the phone one day about his "ticket book" and how cool it is! So, if money is tight this Valentines Day, keep this in mind. Maybe your sweetheart will love it as much as mine!

1 comment:

  1. That is such a great idea! I'll have to do this on the future-I already got something for my husband this year.
    Thanks for sharing and for the sweet comment on my blog! :-)